Thursday, June 12, 2014

Reme Retreat

                                      RE-ME RETREAT

 Well, I signed up for this retreat in an island far away...... My husband was a bit worried and a bit curious about an island called Ocracoke in North Carolina. So he decided he would take the trip a few days early with me so we could explore together. (I am sounding braver then I am 'cause Jodi and Jean are friends of mine.) The things I worried about where quite different: a roommate, 2 bathrooms, all meals together, parking off site, NO INTERNET. Would I survive? Our trip, as expected, was a long one but the quaint nature of the island surpassed any travel hassles.

The Nation Sea Shore was amazing but, best of all, our son, daughter-in-law and grand daughter came too. Turns out this is their favorite island! Who knew??
Time flew by and they were gone and I was on my own. On to the retreat OM MY! Well the first thing I see is the adorable house with a hand made welcome sign:
A tour and unloading the car, then a they are talking!
And we are talking a sunset over the water, is this perfect?
And that's the way it went....I kept asking this perfect? My worries, well my
'rommie' could not have been more adorable (I never put on makeup or did my hair.....)
 I don't really know how the bathrooms worked but i never did the pee pee dance. There was an awesome outdoor shower which helped free up the indoor bathrooms. The meals were just great, all homemade and full of great company and laughs.

The girls would take you any where you needed to go so off site cars where of no concern. The 'no internet' i didn't even miss, although I did use my phone and posted a few facebook pictures.... I didn't just survive I thrived. Have you ever been to a place that surpassed all of your expectations and more? I haven't even mention the teachers and the classes and Theresa. Here they are:

Theresa, Jean, Penny and Jodi, The wonders of it all that make it happen. The classes are intimate and just the best, painting, jewelry and book binding. You can't help but feel creative in this great space and the direction is the best. Two paintings, two books and as many jewelry projects as you could do. There was open art time for you to work on pieces of any medium which i love because you could be sure to come home with finished pieces. And I will never forget my wonderous partners in this adventure who helped make it so memorable: the students....

Each and everyone of you has touched my heart!
ta ta for now....


  1. Thanks for the memories friend!

  2. Thanks for this beautiful look back at our time together, Deb!